Tips on using

About Screen Protection

If you afraid the LDK plastic screen will get scratched, you can stick a tempered glass film on the front of the screen. Buy it here directly.

And of course you can try other tempered glass by yourself.

LDK screen dimensions :
2.6" (4:3), WITHOUT the bezel
With the bezel it's about 3.4" diagonally
in centimeters it's 7 x 5.4

Alternative 1 :SONY Camera Display Tempered Glass

Sony Cybershot's tempered glass (Cybershot LCD size is 3") which cover the whole screen,with less than 0.2" uncovered on all sides 

Alternative 2 : GBA SP screen protector

Below is the screen protector for GBA SP. The clear part cover the whole screen (without the bezel). Thus some cuttings will be needed. So if you want to use GBA SP screen protector, better get the bezelless/borderless one. If you can find them, that is.

In Summary

- Can use cheap tablet/phone plastic film screen protector (those which are around before tempered glass). Can use generic frosted, non glossy ones to prevent fingerprints.

- GBA SP screen protector/tempered glass would work pretty good (just get the bezelless one), some cuttings MAY be necessary. 

- 3" camera viewfinder tempered glass works well enough with some small parts of the bezels left unprotected. Not much choice (like frosted, non glossy; they may be out there but seems very hard to find).

- 3.2" camera 4:3 viewfinder/display tempered glass PROBABLY would work better (not tested)


About Carrying/protective cases

Cases/carrying pouches for GBA Advance SP should fit, albeit a little bigger and LDK is about 6 milimeters taller than GBA SP (closed)

8.4 x 8.2 x 2.44cm

7.6 x 8.8 x 1.7cm


About the Battery

It is the standard BL-5C Battery comes with 1020 mah juice.